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Request for Video Production Services

Use our convenient form to submit your request for video production. Please be as specific and detailed as possible. You must put an entry into every field. An error message will prompt if a field is left blank and you will have to edit the form. If you do not know the answer, pleae put in "unknown" or "undecided" or "na". Finally, after you have submitted your request, you will receive a response from the Project Manager after we review your request.

If you have questions about filling in the form, or if you are unable to continue, please email Production Information at OCT.


Agency or Organization:


Agency Contact Name:


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Alternate Contact Cell Phone:


Agency Contact Address:
Please include name of agency


Project Topic:

Project Description, as detailed as possible, please:

Type of Program(s):


Length of Program(s):


Targeted Completion Date:


Event Date (if applicable):


Filming Location(s):


Does a script need to be developed?


Has a budget been established and if so, how much is projected to be available?


Is the program for internal consumption, external use or public consumption (telecast on OCT TV-16?


Preferred format for end product: